Automatische Keerlus met één relais (+ weerstand) en twee reedcontacten voor analoog 2 rail systeem.

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  1. matthew schreef:

    perfect! that is just what i was looking for! my plan is to have a loop to loop train track and two sets of these is good enought for me still i worry about the 4 pole relay may nnot be available in my area but 2 pole might work just need to add extra wires to get it to work

    • Kees Sonneveld schreef:

      Hi Mathew,
      If a 4-pole relay cannot be obtained, just take two (2) 2-pole relays and switch the coils in parallel. The resistor may be too high in value, thus also parallel the same resistor twice or a single resistor half the value of the orginal one.

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